Red Hare Coconut Coffee Porter

Review Date 1/10/2020    By John Staradumsky

Hey there beer lovers! Welcome to another exciting episode of “Bruguru loves beer!”. Of course he does! Today we’re here at Taco Mac with a big, beautiful mug of Red Hare Coconut Coffee Porter, a winter seasonal release from this Marietta, Georgia brewer. I’ve long been a fan of Red Hare, though I was a little disappointed when they replaced my beloved Island of Misfits IPA with the rather disappointing Betty White Stout.

Red Hare’s Coconut Coffee Porter makes up for some of that. Here’s what they say about the beer on their website:

Let this porter pick up your baggage and help you on your way with a blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee beans roasted locally at Cool Beans Coffee Roasters.  With a lightly roasted and medium body, it guides your taste buds to heaven with copious amounts of dessert like toasted coconut that was used throughout the brewing process and again on a dry hop addition.

Red Hare Coconut Coffee Porter has an alcohol content of 7.8% by volume and I paid $7.51 for a 23-ounce mug at Taco Mac. Total Wine sells it for $13.99 a six-pack in cans.

My mug of Red Hare Coconut Coffee Porter arrived a jet-black color with a minimal head of foam and luxurious notes of coffee and chocolate in the nose. Taking a sip, I got more of those in the palate with a full mouthfeel and coffee grinds and fudge notes, a hint of toasted coconut, and a big dry roasty finish.

An impressive beer indeed, I really enjoyed my mug. I would have liked a bit more of the coconut, but that said I very much enjoyed the decadent fudgy notes and roasty coffee. With more coconut this could well get a full 5 stars from me, but still and all it rates 4 ½. Then, though, there’s the price. It’s a bit high on draft, and even more so in cans. Another half star off for that. A beer I’d buy again though, to be sure.


And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.