Shipping Out of Boston Amber Lager

Review Date 8/14/2021  By John Staradumsky


Hey! Itís me! Your *other* cousin from Baw-stun! OK, more accurately, I might be your cousin from Rhode Island, or maybe even your cousin from Georgia these days. Jacksí Abbey brewing, though, of Framingham, Massachusetts, just may have another cousin from Baw-stun for you: Jackís Abby Shipping Out of Boston Amber Lager.

So, Iím sure youíve heard those commercials for the original lager from Boston: Samuel Adams Boston Lager, where the spokesman with the thick Massachusetts accent comes on and tells you heís your cousin from Boston. Most people have more than one cousin, right? Hence my point here: Jackís Abby Shipping Out of Boston is itself a close cousin to Samuel Adams Boston Lager (they are both in the amber lager style, although I continue to lump the Sam Adams beer into the pilsner category since thatís what the Beer Hunter Michael Jackson used to call it).

Hereís what Jackís Abby has to say on the can label:

Shipping out of Boston celebrates the rich and storied manufacturing history of New England. We built this beer with local ingredients inspired by the factories that were once world suppliers. It is a malty, sweet, and lightly hoppy amber lager that pays homage to the past, while manufacturing a bold future.

Jackís Abby Shipping Out of Boston Amber Lager has an alcohol content of 5.3% by volume. Total Wine sells it for $11.99 a 4-pack of pint cans, though I have not seen it here in Georgia yet. I paid $10.99 and got free shipping from TapRM. How cool is that? My cans are stamped as CANNED 03 09 21 and I drank my first and took notes on June 10th.

Jackís Abby Shipping Out of Boston Amber Lager pours to a dark amber color with a thick creamy tan head and a nose of caramel and earthy hops. Taking a sip, the beer is big and malty with deep seated caramel malt overtones, a hint of toasted nuts, and an earthy herbal hop finish that is gently bitter.

Tribute to Sam Adams Boston Lager? You decide. Soon to be known as that *other* Boston Lager? Regardless, the chewy caramel malt and earthy hops make this one a winner to me, and one Iíll be looking for again.

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