The Way Triple Ale

Review Date 3/23/2024  By John Staradumsky


If you ever find yourself on Mandalore, you just might find that Bold Monk Brewing got there before you did. Iím pretty sure those canny Mandalorians drink nothing but Bold Monk beer, and their favorite is The Way Tripel.

This is The Way.

I first tried The Way in cans in February of 2022. I immediately fell in love with it. Just over a year later, I visited the brewery and enjoyed it fresh on tap. It was my birthday, and I was off on a pub crawl with my kids.

This is The Way.

Bold Monk says on their website:

A twisted life debating her desires, torn between ordinance and the lure of the unknown. She can question her cravings, but never her intent as she interrupts the whispers with a covenant of controlled confidence. We too shall challenge ourselves to elevated grounds as St. Teresa leads the way.

Our 2021 U.S. Open Gold Medal award-winning Belgian Tripel boasts notes of honeydew melon and citrus.

This is The Way.

Ingredients, also from the website:


German Huell Melon, Saphir


Dingemanís Pale Malt, Weyermann Pils Malt, CSI Golden Candi Sugar

This is The Way.

The Way Tripel Ale has an alcohol content of 8.8% by volume. I paid $12.99 for my 6-pack (it was actually a mixed six with two cans of The Way, two cans of Discipline Dubbel, and two cans of Indominus Quad). I paid $8 for my 14-ounce draft at the brewery.

This is The Way.

Bold Monk The Way pours to a hazy golden color with a medium fluffy white head and a nose of pineapple and spice. Taking a sip, the beer is full in body with notes of candy sugar, pineapple, warming alcohol and a hint of dry spice in the finish. The beer is very fruity indeed, yeast fruity, and a delicious sipping beer.

This is The Way.

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