Wicked Weed German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout

Review Date 11/9/2020 By John Staradumsky



Dessert anyone? Yes, have some! Iíll take mine in liquid form, however, a glass of Wicked Weed German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout Brewed with Chocolate and Coconut. Maybe Iíll even have seconds. This is the first time trying this beer for me, but I promise, it wonít be the last glass I enjoy. I am a fan of the so-called ďpastry stoutsĒ, though for me, they are usually a one per sitting event.

With Wicked Weed German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout, however, I actually drank two glasses, that because I purchased this beer in a crowler from Stoutís here in Canton. I havenít seen this beer in cans or bottles before, save for the Guilty Pleasures 4-pack which I neglected to pick up.

Wicked Weed says:

With velvety smoothness and enrapturing darkness, this stout surrounds you with the rich luxury of the Black Forest. Fresh coconut counters chocolate notes for a balanced indulgence.

The beer does not have a page of its own on the Wicked Weed website, so I have no idea what the ingredients are (Iíd like to know) other than chocolate and coconut. It has an alcohol content of 8.8% by volume and I paid $12.75 for my 32-ounce crowler. That works out to $.40 an ounce, not much more than the $.31 an ounce the 4-pack of 12-ounce cans runs.

Wicked Weed German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout Brewed with Chocolate and Coconut pours to a jet black color with a thick fluffy tan head and a nose full of roasted malt and toasted coconut. Taking a sip, the beer is big and full in body with roasty notes, toasted coconut, dried nuts (the pecans the cake features? No mention of them by Wicked Weed), and dark chocolate. The beer finishes warm with alcohol, a tad roasty with more coconut coming through.

Is this a fruit beer (the coconut), a spiced beer (the chocolate), or an imperial stout? You could make a case for nay of those, but I will go with the imperial stout since that is how the beer resonates with me.

Delicious! Definitely one of the best ďGerman Chocolate CakeĒ stouts I have enjoyed. I even get the creamy frosting, though that might be the power of suggestion. But hey, try it for yourself. Iím pretty sure youíll be glad you did.

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