Free Beer Wallpaper

Free Beer Wallpaper

And you thought you were getting free beer. Life is seldom that kind, but while you enjoy your favorite brew that you had to pay for, why not set your desktop background all sudsy like with your favorite beer logo? Most of these images are scanned from sixpack holders to a size just large enough to cover your desktop if you use the stretch feature in windows. Enjoy, and if you want to read more about the beer in question, some pages have links to beer reviews I've written. And hey, drop me a line at and let me know what you think.

Grant's Anvilhead Ale
Saranac 12 Beers
Alimony Ale
Allagash Double
Anchor Porter
Nutfield Auburn Ale
Poor Henry's Awesome Ale
Bar Harbor Real Ale
Brooklyn Black Chocolate
Joseph Bierbitzch Lager
Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale
Brimstone Big
Bigfoot Barleywine
Nutfield Black 47 Stout
Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale
Sweetwater 420
Shipyard Bluefin Stout
Seadog Bluepaw
Dock Street Bohemian
Brooklyn Brown
Brooklyn IPA
Brooklyn Octoberfest
Buzzard's Bay Pale Ale
Buzzard's Bay Island Export
Catamount Pale Ale
Sea Dog Cabin Fever
Catamount Porter
Celebration Ale
Celis Raspberry
Concord Pale Ale

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