Morning Smack Maple, Bacon, Banana Coffee Milk Stout

Review Date 3/13/2019    By John Staradumsky

Have you ever had beer for breakfast? I’ll confess that as much as I love beer, I’m not a fan of the practice. How about breakfast for beer though? Now that’s another matter entirely. I had breakfast for beer just the other day when I drank a delicious can of Three Taverns Morning Smack, a maple, bacon, and banana coffee milk stout. All good breakfast choices, and enough to bring Elvis back from the grave!

Three Taverns says:

Originally part of our Imaginarium Project, Morning Smack first debuted during our 4th Anniversary and was such a hit we decided to give it a proper release. This maple, bacon, banana, coffee, milk stout is truly one-of-a-kind.

Personally, I could see why it was such a hit after just one can. In fact, I enjoyed this beer so much that I regretted giving my daughter one of the four cans I bought. OK, not really. I can always buy more.

Three Taverns Morning Smack has an alcohol content of 8% by volume, another reason why it’s better as breakfast for beer than beer for breakfast. IBUs are unspecified. I paid $10.45 for a 4-pack at Target.

Three Taverns Morning Smack pours to a jet-black color with a minimal head of tan foam forming on a vigorous pour. The nose explodes with coffee and maple, the mouthfeel is full, thick, and luxurious and packed with coffee grinds and maple syrup. Smoky bacon and smooth creamy banana poke through to a lesser extent and this finishes roasty with the maple coming back. Crazy good!

When you advertise a beer with adjunct ingredients (which is really what the coffee, bacon, maple syrup, and banana are) I want to taste them in the beer. You definitely get all of these here, perfectly layered, coming at you in waves. I loved the heck out of this beer, so much so, maybe I just will have one for breakfast someday.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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