Sion Kölsch

Review Date 3/9/2024 By John Staradumsky


So I bought a can of Sion Kölsch, but I didn’t get to drink it. I will tell you why that is. First, though, I should let you know that this is a classic German Kölsch from Köln, one I have never seen before here in the USA. If I see it for sale locally, I will certainly buy more of it. As it was, though, I saw it for sale online at Half Time Beverage. I bought a single can.

That, as I mentioned, I did not get to drink. Somehow, my dog Heidi got ahold of it you see, and came running into the bedroom with it iin her mouth. Because it was a slim can she bit into it and punctured it, and jumped on our bed spewing beer everywhere as she did. We got it from her, but obviously I had to discard it.

I had really wanted to try this beer, so off I headed to Half Time to replace it. Luckily they still had some, and when I got it it went straight into the fridge. Which is, of course, why I am here to tell you about it today. I wasted no time and drank it at my first opportunity.

Brauhaus Sion of Cologne says:

Guter Geschmack spricht für sich. Mit SION Kölsch setzen wir uns von der Masse ab. Das feinherbe Kölsch, frisch und süffig aus dem Herzen der Domstadt, ist einfach überzeugend.

Für alle, die den Genuss nicht nur im Brauhaus Sion genießen möchten, hat die Brauerei ein besonderes Angebot: Schwarz, matt – das ist ein starker Auftritt!

Which means if you don’t speak German:

Good taste speaks for itself. With SION Kölsch, we stand out from the crowd. The finely tart Kölsch, fresh and drinkable from the heart of the cathedral city, is simply convincing.

For all those who want to enjoy the pleasure not only at Brauhaus Sion, the brewery has special advice: Matt black - that's a strong appearance!

The latter, of course, refers to the color of the new bottle packaging for Sion Kölsch. My sample was again ina  can, and a silver can at that.

Sion Kölsch has an alcohol content of 4.8% by volume and I paid $1.97 for my 11.2 ounce can from Half Time after redeeming rewards points. The can I drank that is. I paid $2.99 for the dog the can Heidi got to, which I think is still a good deal. Total Wine sells it for $10.99 a six-pack of the same size of can. My can has no freshness dating. Sion Kölsch is imported into the USA by Radeberger.

Sion Kölsch pours to a bright golden color with a thick fluffy white head and a nose of light biscuit and soft fruit. Taking a sip, the beer is crisp malty as the nose promised, bready with crusts, and underlined nicely with a soft white grape fruitiness. It has a balanced, very gentle grassy bitterness that makes it quite quaffable.

This is an excellent Kolsch, and I am glad I finally got to try it. Even if it took two tries to do it.

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