Vikings of the South IPA

Review Date 3/9/2019    By John Staradumsky

Norse IPA? What the hell is that? I think the fine folks at Atlanta’s Second Self brewery made it up, as if we didn’t have enough variations on IPA already, ya know? That’s what they call their Second Self Vikings of the South IPA, though. It’s right on the label. Don’t believe me? I’ll read you the can label:

Norse IPA

Much as the Norsemen of yesteryear conquered Northern Europe through relentless aggression, so too has the ATL exploded on the soccer scene, leaving nothing but the carnage of broken attendance records and discarded expansion expectations. To honor their Sovereignty, the fans at Second Self and Terminus Legion took inspiration from the inimitable warriors of Norway by resurrecting a 500-year-old proprietary yeast strain and infusing it into a strictly Atlantan IPA, resulting in over-the-top mango & passionfruit, with a hint of GA peach.

Told ya. As you can obviously see, this beer is inspired by Atlanta United, Atlanta’s professional soccer club. If you hadn’t heard they won the championship last year, which I’m sure made the fans at Terminus Legion proud. This is not the only soccer themes beer in Georgia, either. Three Taverns brews an IPA called Rowdy and Proud in honor of the Resurgence Atlanta United fan club. Soccer fans, it seems, are quite enamored of IPA.

Second Self Vikings of the South IPA has an alcohol content of 6% by volume; IBUs are unspecified. It runs $11.99 a six-pack at Total Wine which is about two bucks more than it should, I think.

Second Self Vikings of the South IPA pours to a hazy orange amber color with a thick foamy head and an herbal, subtle spicy aroma of green peppercorn and passion fruit in the nose. Taking a sip, the beer has a moderate maltiness layered with tart peach and mango notes and herbal hop aromas. It finishes with a sharp dry bitterness. This is quite interesting indeed, though the ancient yeast does not seem to add tremendously other than perhaps the spicy nose. I get more mango and passion fruit tropical fruit as it warms.

I like this well enough, and I will buy it again. I would love to see it on tap at Taco Mac, and maybe I will. It is a solid 4 star beer, but I’m talking a half star off for the high price.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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