Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

Review Date 1/17/2004   Last Updated   11/21/2019  By John Staradumsky

If you love beer as much as I do, then you really need to try Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock. But wait. Maybe you don’t love beer, instead harboring a deep inner yearning for chocolate. Then too, this beer is for you. That’s because Chocolate Bock is aged on a bed of rich gourmet chocolate to impart a wonderful flavor that truly makes this beer like no other you’ve tasted before.

From the very beginning, it’s readily apparent this is no ordinary beer. The attractive silver label is actually embossed pewter, simply set against the brown glass bottle. That bottle is larger than most at 750ml, as is the price. At $14, Chocolate Bock is certainly not an inexpensive beer. Nor is it meant to be.

That’s because Chocolate Bock is a very special beer, released just in time for Valentines Day. It’s the perfect gift for the beer or chocolate lover on your list, and it’s the perfect size to be shared by two too. A romantic beer. A lovers’ beer. Who knew? And hey, just try to find your sweetheart a chocolate wine.

When my beloved Barbara, wonderful gal that she is, bought me a bottle, I couldn’t wait until February 14th to pop it open. So here we go.

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock pours to a deep brownish black color with a thick creamy head and a malty, dry cocoa nose. The palate is sweet malty at first, full bodied with a thick and pleasing mouthfeel. A very tasty bock with nutty malt flavors and hints of molasses and chocolate malt, the complexity of the beer increases into the finish as the the genuine chocolate notes intensify and combine with a gentle kiss of hops. This leaves the impression of bittersweet chocolate on the tongue.

I know I’m using the word chocolate a lot here, but the chocolate flavor truly permeates this beer. You taste at first sip, then the malt flavors come through, and then the chocolate re-emerges in the finish. I have enjoyed chocolate stouts in the past, but never a chocolate bock. In its own way, this beer works wonderfully. Different than chocolate stout, but delightful all the same.

This is going to be a rare one, folks, with very limited distribution. I strongly suggest you buy it when you see it. Beverage Resort in Marietta, Georgia, was the source of my bottle, and they didn’t have many left. And the beer hasn’t been out that long.

Is the price too steep? I don’t think so. Would you skimp on chocolates or roses? And how much would you pay for wine for your Valentine? In that context, Chocolate Bock is a bargain at the price. And hey, it seems there’s a little Cupid in every bottle. I know I fell in love from the very first sip.


Update 11/29/2012: For the past few years, Boston Beer has included Chocolate Bock in the Winter Classics Sampler of brews. This is a a good thing, as it's a much more affordable way to enjoy it. True, you only get two bottles of the brew, but that's almost as much as the old 750 ML bottles that went for $14-and now you'll get ten other beers besides.

Chocolate Bock remains permeated with rich dark chocolate flavor, much akin to powdery cocoa in my mind from the very first instant of the sip to the last vestige of aftertaste. A glorious beer indeed, rich with decadent chocolate, and an extra half star added on for the new lower price. Still wish it came in six-packs, though.

Update 1/19/2017: Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock is a perennial favorite in the Winter Classics variety pack. The 2016 sampler was no exception, and the beer is a true delight, still as smooth and chocolaty as ever. A new label pleases less than the old one, but the decadent beer in the bottle makes up for that. At $13.29 for the 12-pack sampler, the beer is bargain priced to boot.

Update 11/21/2019: Just picked up this year's Samuel Adams Winter Classics sampler and dove into a bottle of Chocolate Bock. Like the bottles of Samuel Adams Winter Lager that accompanied it, Chocolate Bock seems a bolder, richer brew than it has been in past years. The thick chocolate notes popped wonderfully against the smooth dark malty notes as I sipped, and I highly enjoyed this wonderful beer. $13.49 for the sampler at Total Wine was a great deal, too.



And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.