Clocktower IPA

Review Date 9/15/2018   By John Staradumsky

Rome City Brewing of Rome Georgia is canning! Yes they are. I’ve had their beer on draft a number of times now, from Stout’s Growlers here in Canton, fresh from the brewery, and at Taco Mac. The other day, I walked into Target and glancing through their beer section found Rome City Brewing Company Clocktower IPA.

Clocktower IPA is named for the famous clocktower in downtown Rome. The clocktower dates to 1872 and is the veritable symbol of the city. When I lived in Rome, I would often jog by it. It is only fitting that Rome City Brewing name a beer for this landmark.

But what kind of beer is it? An idiosyncratic one, to be sure. There is no background on Clocktower IPA (or any of the Rome City beers for that matter) on the brewery website. The only information on the can is that the beer has an alcohol content of 6.5% by volume. Mine was canned on 08/13/18 and I paid $9.49 for the six-pack at Target.

Rome City Brewing Clocktower IPA pours to a dark chestnut color, rather dark for an IPA actually, with a thick rocky head and a rich resiny citrus nose. A thick layer of Brussels Lace clings to the sides of my glass and follows the liquid to the bottom. Taking a sip, the beer is thick and full in body with malt! Caramel malt and, oddly, a little nutty malt akin to a brown ale. There are potent resiny notes here and citrus.

A bit classic American IPA and a bit American brown ale is what comes to mind here, this is a tasty and delicious beer well balanced with malt and hops. I enjoyed it very, very much. I will be back for more. You can set your clock by that promise.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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(B)=Bottled, Canned