Rogue Pineapple Party Punch

Review Date 1/17/2020 By John Staradumsky


Rogue Pineapple Party Punch! Is it an IPA, or is it a fruit beer? Thatís what I wanted to know, so I bought a can at Total Wine. Why, even Rogue themselves donít seem to be quite sure. Under styles, they have it listed as:


What is a pina colada beer if not a fruit beer anyway? It derives its character from pineapple and coconut, and those are fruits. So there you go. On their website, Rogue says:

Bursting with pineapple, coconut, and tropical hop flavors, this imperial hazy is reminiscent of our favorite tropical drink, the PiŮa Colada.

On the label, they say:

Dedicated to tropical escapes.

Pineapple Party Punch is a tropical escape in a beer. From the opening surge of pineapple and citrus to the smooth, sweet coconut finish, youíll sewar youíre kicked back, toes in the sand, on a breathtaking tropical island. Enjoy your escape.

Ingredients from the website:

2-Row, Wheat, Rye Malt, Dex Pils, Lactose, Mosiac hops, Hot Head yeast

Rogue Pineapple Party Punch has an alcohol content of 8.4% by volume with 40 IBUs. It was running $15.49 a 4-pack of pint cans when I bought mine at Total Wine. My can is stamped WANNA CHAT? TEXT US! 541-819-0449 CANNED 09/02/21 18:37. I drank it on April 21st of 2022.

Rogue Pineapple Party Punch pours to a hazy yellowish orange color with a thick head of rocky, fluffy foam and a nose of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut. Taking a sip, the beer is medium in body and immediately juicy with fresh pineapple and citrus fruit. Creamy coconut then takes the stage combining with some hop bitterness in the finish and a bit of alcohol warmth. You do get the Pina Colada theme although the citrus throws that off a bit.

Rogue Pineapple Party Punch tastes like a fruit stand blew up in my mouth! It is quite refreshing indeed, although the high alcohol content means itís still more of a sipping beer than a quaffing one. Still, that reinforces the Pina Colada theme.

Certainly a beer I will buy again, as I love pineapple and coconut both, and they are well presented here. I'm calling it a fruit beer, because fruit is the dominant character in this beer to me.

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