Commerzienrat Riegele Privat

Review Date 3/27/2020    By John Staradumsky

And here it is! My second beer from the highly acclaimed Brauhaus Riegele in Augsburg, Germany: Commerzienrat Riegele Privat, a lager in the Munich Helles style. The very first beer that I ever tasted from Riegele was the mighty Riegele Augustus Weizen Doppelbock which I picked up in Helen, Georgia. There was also the collaboration Oktoberfest beer with Sierra Nevada in 2015, though that was brewed here in the USA.

“Commerzienrat” translates to business council or commerce council, though I’m not sure how that connects to beer. Be that as it may, Riegele says:

From Germany’s most awarded brewery comes Riegele’s most awarded beer, Privat. Winner of the “Beer of the Decade,” “Beer of the Year,” World Beer Cup," 9-time DLG Gold and the 6-Time European Gold Star, Privat sets the benchmark for craft festival lagers. Crisp, elegant, and complex in character, Privat is perfectly balanced with a clean and remarkably smooth finish thanks to the Riegele husk separation process.

This time, I got my six-pack at Sherlock’s in Kennesaw, Georgia for a few bucks less at $15.99. Still a bit pricey, but this is a special beer indeed from a special German brewer. Alcohol is 5.2% by volume.

Riegele Commerzienrat Privat pours to a pale golden color with a thick fluffy head formation and a soft bready malt nose. Taking a sip, the beer is again bready but also offers wonderful crisp biscuity malt, just like chewing on a handful fresh from the maltster. Privat finishes with a gentle kiss of slightly bitter, grassy hops. The secret is the balance-you know they are there, but they just balance the malt and let it shine in all its glory.

A truly wonderful beer, and one I’ve enjoyed so far on a cool winter night and a warming spring one. It’s delightful either way, but especially enjoyable on the latter.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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