Yaz New England IPA

Review Date 9/28/2019  By John Staradumsky

Hey Carl Yastrzemski! Did you know you have your own beer? I’m sure you have a lot of beers named for you, but the one I’m here to talk about is Yaz New England IPA from Georgia’s Reformation Brewing Company. I was at their Canton location recently (it’s only a few miles from my house) and enjoyed a pint out on the deck on an usually warm late September afternoon.

Yaz New England IPA is of course named for the legendary Boston Red Sox player from years gone by. I’ll confess I don’t really watch baseball anymore, but as a kid I was a fanatical Red Sox fan. I have fond memories of watching Yaz play ball at Fenway Park. Would Yastrzemski enjoy Yaz New England IPA? In his heyday, the style did not exist (it has recently emerged in the last decade or so). Yaz did a commercial for Miller in 1985; were he to stay local in the 70s, he would have enjoyed a Narragansett Lager.

From the brewery website:

Citra and Chinook hops along with a ton of flaked oats give this hazy IPA bright, juicy citrus hop flavors, with a moderate hop bite and a sweet and smooth finish.

Yaz New England IPA has an alcohol content of 5.6% by volume and I paid $6 for a pint. This beer is part of Reformation’s Pioneer Series and is only sold on draft. You can fill a growler at the brewery.

My glass of Yaz New England IPA arrived a hazy orange color with a medium head of foam and a juicy citrus nose. Taking a sip, the beer has medium malt, crackers, pasty oats, orange juice and zest, and a slightly minty, very bitter finish.

This is how I like New England IPAs, with some malt to their credit, lots of zesty citrus, and a bitter end. It doesn’t get more New England than Yaz (the ballplayer), and in this style, it doesn’t get more New England than Yaz (the beer). Well done, Reformation!

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.