Scout The Storyteller Stout

Review Date 2/13/2016 Last Updated 12/15/2019  By John Staradumsky

Last fall, the Sunday before Thanksgiving to be precise, I was visited by my new good buddy Jeff Evans from up Virginia way. We did the whole nine yards beer wise; we traded some beers, enjoyed a few at Taco Mac, and then came back to my house to pop a few growlers I had picked up at Stout’s here in Canton. One of these was Reformation Winter Scout Stout.

I didn’t take notes then (we were having too much fun and I had too many before to judge fairly), but no worries, the beer showed up a few months later at the aforementioned Taco Mac here in Canton. Reformation is fast growing on me, not solely because of their proximity (they’re about ten miles from my house) but also because they brew such wonderful beers. Winter Scout Stout is a great example, and is a draft-only seasonal release.

Reformation Winter Scout Stout is described as a “Tart Winter Ale. It has an alcohol content of 7.2% by volume, perfect to shake off that winter chill. I paid $7.25 for a 32-ounce growler at Stout’s, and $5 for an 11-ounce glass at Taco Mac. So, pretty reasonable this one.

Ingredients listed from the brewery website:

Roasted malts, flaked oats, back barley

Ginger, Allspice, nutmeg cinnamon & clove

Lemon, orange peel & honey

My glass of Reformation Winter Scout Stout arrived a jet black color with a rather thin head of silky tan foam and a robust nose of clove and ginger with hints of citrus fruit. Taking a sip the beer has a lightly roasty palate with a full mouthfeel and lots of spice; the clove and ginger being most apparent to me with much dry nutmeg and a sour tart citrus rind finish to round it out. As the beer warms, the cinnamon comes out a bit.

I very much enjoyed this beer both times I tasted it, though I’ll confess my recollections being much better on the second sampling. Here’s hoping Winter Scout returns for 2016. I for one will be scouting it out.

Update 12/16/2017:  Sadly, I didn't run across Reformation Winter Scout The Storyteller stout for the Christmas season of 2016. Good news though! For 2017, Reformation has made it easier than ever to find, now in cans. I bought a six-pack at Target for $9.49, and was very happy to see it offered. Much the same as above, but much more clove than I recall. Wonderful new addition to my annual holiday beer lineup.

Update 12/15/2019: Another year, a different beer! Reformation Scout The Storyteller 2019 is all new for 2019. The brewery calls the beer a "festive milk stout" and further says:

Cozy up to this seasonal release brewed with sweet potato, milk sugar, and pie spices. This Festive Milk Stout pairs well with every moment from Fall through Winter.

Alcohol content is listed as 7.4% by volume and I paid $10.99 for a six-pack at Uncle Jack's here in Canton.

Reformation Scout The Storyteller 2019 pours to a jet-black color with chocolate and vegetal sweet potato and spice in the nose, and a moderate head of foam. Sipping, the beer is medium bodied in the palate and boasts soft milk chocolate and vegetal sweet potato (fresh sweet potato!), perhaps nutmeg and cinnamon in gentle notes, and a bit of clove. The beer finishes gently weet, and all in all this reminds me of sweet potato pie in a glass (with some of my wife's Nana's Famous Chocolate Pie mixed in for good measure).

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.