Reformation Southern Pecan Imperial Stout

Review Date 1/1/2024 By John Staradumsky


If you go to the Reformation Brewery Website, you will find 15 pages of their beers, both active and historical. Reformation Southern Pecan Imperial Stout is not one of them. I know this because I checked. Reformation is, of course, my local brewery, with their Canton location a scant few miles from me (and their Woodstock brewery only about another eight more distant).

I found Southern Pecan Imperial Stout on tap at Taco Mac, though. When I did, I of course ordered a glass. Iím glad I did because it was a decadent and delicious imperial stout with strong notes of pecan. I so love pecan, too.

Untappd says this about the beer, no doubt quoted from Reformation:

A mild and balanced malt sweetness gives this beer a pecan pie like finish. Made for the 2024 Wrecking Bar Strong Beer Fest, this 8.7% Southern Pecan Imperial Stout was mashed with finely chopped & crushed pecans, with whole roasted pecans added in the whirlpool.

I wonder what they do with the used pecans? Hopefully feed them to some lucky farm animals.

Reformation Southern Pecan Imperial Stout has an alcohol content of 8.7% by volume according to Taco Mac. Untappd says it is 8.6%, close enough as makes no odds. I paid $7 for an 11-ounce glass and thought that that was a good deal. I will style this as a fruit/nut beer since the pecans are the star attraction. You could call it an imperial stout and not be wrong.

My glass of Reformation Southern Pecan Imperial Stout arrived jet-black in color with a thin cap of tan foam and a dark roasty nose, Taking a sip, I got more of the sark roast in the medium to full bodied palate. The beer is coffeeish, slightly sweet like a slice of pecan pie, deliciously toasty pecan nutty, rounded out nicely with a warming alcohol finish.

Your holiday pecan pie with coffee all in a glass. You know Iíll be looking for this one again.


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