Mittens Gets a Brand New Ball Kiwi Strawberry Kettle Sour with Sparkle

Review Date 3/15/2021  By John Staradumsky

i can haz beeRs now? Apparently, that’s what Mittens wants to know. Mittens, of course, is a feline fanatic about beer, and has his (or her?) own line of beers from the Reformation brewery of Woodstock, Canton, and Smyrna, Georgia. I picked up a six-pack of the latest brew, Mittens Gets a Brand New Ball Kiwi Strawberry Sour with Sparkle, at the Canton brewery in early March.

Reformation says about this beer:

OK Kittens, here we go. Kiwi + Strawberry drink packets? Why not. Edible glitter? Sh*t yes. Unpredictable? Abso-freakin-lutely. That's just how MITTENS rolls.

"Mittens Gets A Brand New Ball" is headed your way starting FRIDAY March 5 from your neighborhood Reformation Brewery, and in the market now. Green, fruity, and tart! This 4.7% Kiwi + Strawberry kettle sour has a slight shimmer - or maybe a sh*t ton. Who knows? Spot a swirl in your glass - that's seven years of good luck. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

P.S. Don't let cats brew beer. The end.

On their website page for this beer, Reformation shows a pile of Strawberry Kiwi Kool-Aid packets. One assumed the beer is brewed with the stuff, explaining the flavor and the green color. I’ll be sure to have one on St. Patrick’s Day. I paid $10.99 for my cans, a fair price these days I think. They are stamped as canned on 02/24/2021, I bought them on 03/06 and drank the first on 03/07. They were sold out on their website a few days later. I didn't get any sparkle in my first can. Not that that detracts from the beer, but just saying.

Reformation Mittens Gets a Brand New Ball Kiwi Strawberry Sour with Sparkle pours to a bright lime green color with a thick and fluffy lime green head. Taking a sip, the beer offers bright kiwi in the nose and a sour aroma. Taking a sip, the beer is light in body with more of the kiwi, a hint of strawberry, and a puckering sourness at the end. It is very tart and sour and that makes it very refreshing. I like it, it was a good first beer of the night.

A lightly fruited Berliner Weisse is what came to mind as I sipped, though the beer is a little strong for that style, so we will run with Reformation calls it: a “sour”, which is a generic catch all style for kettle soured beers these days. Judged in that vein, it’s hard not to like Reformation Mittens Gets a Brand New Ball Kiwi Strawberry Sour with Sparkle. 


And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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