Dr. Don Pecan Pecan Doppelbock

Review Date 1/27/2022 By John Staradumsky


I got a notification from Reformation Brewery about their latest beer: Dr. Don Pecan Pecan Doppelbock. Of course, they had me at Doppelbock, said stye being my very favorite in the world. It had been a while since I had been to Reformation Brewery here in Canton, what with Covid going on and all. I did hit them to pick up some beers the prior spring, but the place was crowded, nobody was wearing masks, and I wasnít eligible for the vaccine yet. That kind of put me off going back out to breweries again (in general, not Reformation specifically). 2021 was not a good year for brewery and beer bar visits; 2020 was right out.

Still, I got my booster shot in late October, and as I was on vacation the week after Thanksgiving, I decided to stop by the brewery. It was early on a Wednesday afternoon, just after they open at 3 PM, and the place was sparsely populated. I had ordered a 4-pack of the Dr. Don Pecan before online, and was there to pick it up. They also had Reformation Black IPA on tap, and I ordered a glass of that. I do love India Dark Ales after all, not quite as much as doppelbocks, but close. I drank it then took my doppelbock home.

Reformation says:

The doctor is in.

Roasted pecans unfold within dark German lager mysteries, for a strong, nutty remedy of brown sugar, glazed pralines, and hints of caramel & stone fruits.

Reformation Dr. Don Pecan Pecan Doppelbock has an alcohol content of 9.5% by volume and I paid $13.99 for my 4-pack of pint cans. The Germans could never add pecans to a doppelbock, but here in the USa you can. I think they add to the intrinsic nutty character of the style.

Reformation Dr. Don Pecan Pecan Doppelbck pours to a dark mahogany color with a medium head of foam and a nose of molasses and toasted pecans. Taking a sip, the beer is thick and rich and matly, syrupy, infused with toasted nutty pecan and Munich malt notes. Itís packed with toasty nutty melanoidin goodness, a hint of brown sugar, and with that brings forth notes of pecan pie with a doppelbock chaser. But all in one convenient glass. Finishes sweet and warm with alcohol.

Yes, friends, I would buy this again, and I am very sure indeed that I will.

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