Everyday Yellow Pilsner


Review Date 1/10/2020   By John Staradumsky

Welcome friends to 2020! Not only is it a new year, but a new decade to boot! Exciting, that. Some are already calling it the roaring 20s, though we had those a century ago. This time around, the 20s promise to be a lot better, because, well, there’s beer. Not that there wasn’t beer around then, mind you, but of course it wasn’t legal. To celebrate, I’m sitting here at Taco Mac enjoying a mug of Printer’s Everyday Yellow Pilsner by the Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Company of Carrolton, Georgia.

Printer’s Ale Manufacturing is the featured beer of the month for January. I have had beer from this small brewer in the past, and I’m happy to see them featured at Taco Mac. You’re going to sell a lot of beer this way, folks! I love it when a plan comes together. I decided on the Printer’s Everyday Yellow this evening as I’m in the mood for a crisp, refreshing beer with malt and bitter hops. And, since it’s pint night, I get a free glass with my beer. I don’t have a glass from this brewery, so yay me!

Printer’s says:

A crisp and clean German Pilsner perfect for any occasion. Whether you are new to craft beer or an enthusiast this is a session-able easy drinking beer that is equally great for tailgating, barbecues, sitting by the lake or a night out on the town with good friends.

Printer’s Everyday Yellow Pilsner has an alcohol content of 5% by volume and I paid $6.80 for my 23-ounce mug at Taco Mac. This beer wasn’t always a pilsner but started life as a Belgian Golden. They’re both yellow, after all.

My mug of Printer’s Everyday Yellow Pilsner arrived a deep golden yellow color with a thick fluffy head of foam and crisp biscuit malt in the nose and the palate. The beer is refreshing as you sip and ends with a balancing hop bitterness. I liked the fresh malt flavors here, and though I think the malt could pop a little more than it does, I also understand Printer’s is walking a fine line here to offer an accessible beer. That they have done, and still made this seasoned craft beer veteran happy as well.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.