Southern Skipper White IPA

Review Date 2/9/2015 By John Staradumsky

Welcome, Pontoon Brewing Company! Pontoon is yet another new Georgia brewer, although for the nonce they don’t actually have a brewery. Instead, they are a contract brewer, and have their beers produced for them at the Thomas Creek Brewery of Greenville, South Carolina. Their hope is to one day build a brewery in Atlanta, theoretically if they can build demand for their brand and raise funds at the same time.

Pontoon currently offers two beers, both available in bottles and on tap. Their flagship beer is the one under consideration today, Southern Skipper White IPA, with No Pants Pilsner being their other offering. Both beers are on tap currently at my Canton Taco Mac, and I ordered up the Southern Skipper to go with my wings one fine Thursday night.

Pontoon says this about the Southern Skipper:

We know how you like em’…  Bold and smooth. Complex yet grounded. Bitter with a touch of sweet. This White IPA is our flagship brew, perfectly balanced for the Pontoon Lifestyle. American Wheat compliments a boatload of Centennial hops to bring out an aromatic, crisp, and radically flavorful beer that will aid in all your Southern Skipper activities, whatever they may be. Shades On, Bottoms Up!

Pontoon Southern Skipper White IPA has an alcohol content of 6% by volume with 55 IBUs. I paid $6 for a mug at Taco Mac and six packs run around $8.99.

My mug of Pontoon Southern Skipper White IPA arrived a brilliant orange amber color with a light fluffy head and a soft nose of herbal hops. Taking a sip, I got light caramel malt up front followed by herbal tea-like hop aroma and a light bitterness in the finish.

What I didn’t get here was the spicing I would find consistent with a “white” IPA. Still, I did find this to be a good IPA in the English style, if not a great one. The wheat definitely lightens things up. Would I buy it again? I would. There are times that call for a beer like this that’s not over the top, and it went well enough with my wings, with just enough hoppiness to balance off the heat.

Pontoon wasn’t trying to hit you over the head here with hops and malt, but rather to give you enough to know you’ve had a beer, but still leave you able to sip a few more on a warm afternoon. In that, I believe, they have succeeded.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.