Pizza Port Swami's I.P.A.

Review Date 3/21/2020   By John Staradumsky

Amidst the chaos, a box of beer arrived. It was mid-March, and the nasty coronavirus put the nix on my annual birthday pub crawl. A double shame, too, because I usually go on a Saturday, and my birthday fell on a Saturday this year. COVID-19 is not, however, something to take chances with, so my wife had me pick out beers from an online beer shop instead (Craftshack).

Amongst the assortment of special brew was a pint can of Pizza Port Swami’s I.P.A. from Carlsbad, California. Carlsbad is only about 35 miles from San Diego, and Pizza Port Swami’s I.P.A. is I think a very good example of San Diego IPA the likes of Stone IPA, AleSmith IPA, and Green Flash IPA. The beers feature citrusy, slightly resiny classic American hops on a thinner malt profile than classic 90s American IPA. They finish with a robust bitterness to boot.

Pizza Port says:

Swami’s IPA is a special beer to the Pizza Port family as it was the first IPA brewed in our original location over 20 years ago in Solana Beach. With a more traditional hop profile, this beer is the quintessential example of a West Coast IPA as it showcases the fresh bitterness of citrus and pine. Swami’s is named after one of the most famous surf breaks in San Diego county, which, as perfectly depicted on the can, is always crowded with surfers and paddle boarders alike. The break itself gets its name from its proximity to a Self-Realization Fellowship, a landmark in Encinitas that is also perfectly pictured on the can. Whatever your form of meditation is, we hope that each and every sip contributes to your own self-realization!

Pizza Port Swami’s I.P.A. has an alcohol content of 6.8% by volume and I paid $4.35 for my can. It sells at Total Wine in California for $12.99 for a six-pack of pint cans, a good deal for sure. Mine was canned on 02/05/2020 so is about 5 weeks old as I drink it.

Pizza Port Swami’s I.P.A. pours to a pale golden color with a thick rocky head of foam and a soft lemon citrusy nose. Taking a sip, the beer is light malty with lemon zest and bitter grapefruit rind, and resiny pine. It finishes with earthy hop aroma and a big long dry lingering bitter finish and makes you want to take another sip even before you swallowed the current one.

This is a very fine beer indeed, and one I think I just might order again from Craftshack.  

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.