Ninja vs Unicorn Double India Pale Ale

Review Date 5/10/2024 By John Staradumsky


Well, hereís a strange thing. Back in 2020, Pipeworks beers from Chicago showed up here in Georgia. The first beer I tried was a crowler of their Premium Pilsner in September of 2020. I didnít come across Pipeworks again until July of the following year, when I enjoyed a glass of Imperial Coconut Almond Jones Dog the following July.

That was it, though. I never saw Pipeworks beers here in Georgia in cans, or in fact in any other form ever again. Luckily, I am able to get them from Half Time, and that is how I scored a can of Ninja vs. Unicorn Double India Pale Ale, one of Pipeworks most popular brews.

You wonít find anything about the beer on the brewery website. Truth be told, they donít have information on any of their beers there. Nor does the can, there is no freshness dating, but it does tell me that it ha san alcohol content of 8% by volume. I paid $5.49 for a pint can from Half Time. Total Wineís website says they have it in their Alpharetta, Georgia store for $13.99 a 4-pack. I need to go get some.

Pipeworks Ninja vs. Unicorn Double India Pale Ale pours to a pale yellow color with a thick fluffy white head and a nose of soft tropical fruit. Taking a sip, the beer is medium in body with just a hint of caramel, then it becomes quite juicy indeed. I get tropical pineapple and mango and to a lesser degree citrusy grapefruit and tangerine. The beer finishes balanced, not overly bitter but there is a gentle kiss of hops, and even a touch dank.

Tasty, if not exceptional.

Glad I tried it?  T

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