Delightful Dortmunder

Review Date 6/19/2024 By John Staradumsky


Pipeworks Delightful Dortmunder! Itís a delightful Dortmunder! Pipeworks says so! And who am I to argue with them? After drinking a can, I have to agree that it is a delightful beer, a wonderful example of the Dortmunder Export style. Just what is a Dortmunder Export? It is of course a lager, and a sort of hybrid one at that. It should be bready malty like a Munich Helles, but also assertively hoppy like a Pilsner. I get both of those qualities in Pipeworks Delightful Dortmunder.

Other than that I can tell you the beer has an alcohol content of 5.6% by volume and that I paid $3.50 for my can at The Woodstock Beer Market. It was stamped 04/11/2024 on the bottom.

Pipeworks Delightful Dortmunder pours to a bright golden color with a large head of creamy white foam and a nose of fresh baked bread and vibrant spicy hops. Taking a sip the beer has the firm bready maltiness of a Helles with a little crisp biscuity malt thrown in to boot. Itís hopped more like a Pilsner, though, grassy bitter, earthy and with a long lingering dryness in the finish.

A solid Dortmunder that I would love to drink again.

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