4 EZ Payments Double Dry Hopped Triple IPA

Review Date 5/13/2024  By John Staradumsky


I went to bat, and I hit a triple! Yes I did! A triple IPA, that is. In fact, I hit three of them, drinking three triple IPAs in a short span of time. I didnít drink them all at once of, course. That would be asking for triple trouble. I did, though, enjoy them not so far apart over a few weeks. All of them were hazy juicy New England style brews. All of them were at least 10% alcohol by volume.

The first of these that I enjoyed was Other Half 4 EZ Payments Double Dry Hopped Triple India Pale Ale, and thatís the one Iím here to discuss today. It is also the one I liked best of the three, although with beers the caliber of these, that is up to interpretation. I selected them in a rather desultory fashion, with no rhyme or reason other than random choice. Ironically, I reviewed them in the reverse order of which I drank them.

Other Half says:

A hazy Triple IPA brewed with a hand-selected blend of hops giving notes of passion fruit, orange, pineapple, and some pine.

The label has a number recorded on it: 1 (212) 564-6065

It also says:

While supplies last!

Operators are  standing by

So of course, I called the number. No operators were standing by. I got voicemail instead. Area code 212 serves Manhattan and is one of the very first area codes established in the United States. This I did not know, but Wikipedia told me so. Other Half is from Brooklyn.

I felt cheated when I bought this beer. I did not get to make 4 EZ payments. I had to pay all up front, and I paid $8.99 for my pint can from Half Time. This I did not think excessive, since I had wanted to try this beer for some time. I have no other pricing for this beer. It has an alcohol content of 10% by volume and is hopped with Citra, Galaxy, Idaho 7, and Simcoe. My can was stamped 02 26 2024 and I drank it on April 8th.  

Other Half 4 EZ Payments Double Dry Hopped Triple India Pale Ale pours to a very hazy yellow color with a thick fluffy white head and a nose bursting with zesty grapefruit peel. Taking a sip, the beer is medium in body, more than the style usually provides. Itís super juicy and grapefruity with pith and peel and fruit. I get the orange, pineapple, and to a lesser degree pine, too. Itís smooth and a little creamy and pasty from the oats and finishes with a gentle bitterness and alcohol warmth.

A very nice beer indeed, and one I would definitely drinkÖ.wait whatís that you say? Donít go Brewguru! What are the other Triple IPAs I drank? You want to know this? Well of course you do. They were Old Nation MI,MI, MI which I liked very much, though not as much as Hoof Hearted Konkey Dong 4UP Evolutions Aquatic Ape Theory. So there you go. My Triple IPA triple is now complete.


Glad I tried it?  T

Would I rebuy it??

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