Third Wind Dry-Hopped Belgian-Style Tripel

Review Date 1/22/2021  By John Staradumsky

New Realm Third Wind Dry-Hopped Belgian-Style Tripel! As an old friend would say, “Now that’s marketing!” The marketing I am referring to here is the label art, which features three skeletal figures, hooded and engulfed by an eerie green mist, one amongst them holding a glowing chalice of some strange elixir. That certainly caught my attention, enough to pick up a 4-pack, read the label, and add it to my cart.

It was the middle of December, you see, and my team at work had just given me a Total Wine gift card as a Christmas present. It has been a while since I have been to the New Realm brewery, I do love their beer, and I love a good abbey tripel, so there was no way I was passing on this one.

New Realm says on the label:

Innovation depends on the past. This strong, Belgian-style Tripel ale honors both its rich, 200 year old traditional roots and its modernity. Dry-hopped with Lemon Drop hops & citrus peel, this strong golden ale will transport you beyond yourself. Do you dare surrender to your Third Wind?

New Realm Third Wind Dry-Hopped Belgian-Style Tripel has an alcohol content of 9.5% by volume and I paid $14.99 for four pint cans. A bit pricey I think, but these days what can you do. My cans are stamped PKG 11/06/20, and the labels say drink now or cellar. Obviously, I drank one now. I am going to age at least a can and will get back to you on that.

New Realm Third Wind Dry-Hopped Belgian-Style Tripel pours to a pale golden color with a moderate head of creamy foam and a gently nose of yeasty funk and lemony citrus. Taking a sip, the beer is light malty and replete with yeasty spice notes and rich rock candy. There’s fruity pineapple, coriander, zesty lemon citrus, and a warming alcohol and dry spice finish.

I liked the zesty citrus from the hops and citrus peel. Would I buy this one again? Absolutely.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.