Lundi IPA

Review Date 10/12/2019    By John Staradumsky

Hey there beer lovers! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood Bruguru, aka guru of brew, having a beer at Taco Mac on a Thursday evening. The beer I’m having (and enjoying) is Monday Night Lundi IPA. It may seem strange to have a Monday Night on a Thursday, but hey, any day is good for a Monday Night, doubly so when it’s Lundi. Lundi, of course, is French for Monday. About time those high school and college French classes paid off.

Monday Night says:

Say bonjour to Lundi, a refined IPA from Monday Night Brewing.

Pouring a slightly hazy royal yellow, Lundi abounds with citrus notes on the nose. The first sip is soft and juicy with a pleasant sweetness thanks to the malt backbone of pilsner, oats and wheat. It contains all the tangerine and grapefruit notes of Mosaic, Simcoe and El Dorado hops, with little of the expected bitterness.

Monday Night Lundi IPA has an alcohol content of 7.1$ by volume with 55 IBUs. I paid $7.51 for a 23-ounce draft mug at Taco Mac, and it sells for $13.49 for a six-pack of cans at Total Wine.

Monday Night Lundi IPA pours to a hazy yellow orange color with a thick short-lived head and a citrus fruit and tropical nose. Taking a sip, I get a medium to thin palate, lightened by the wheat with a  bit of oat smoothness. There’s some citrus orange and grapefruit here and a bit of pineapple from the Mosaics all leading into a balancing bitter finish.

Monday Night Lundi is another entry in the hazy New England IPA category, and there are legions of these beers. It was tasty and refreshing enough, but at the higher than average price ($1 more on draft and $3.50 more in cans) it’s not really a beer I would buy again. Three and a half stars, less a star for the high price.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.