Southern Juicy Juice IPA

Review Date 11/22/2017   Last Updated   3/8/2018   By John Staradumsky

So, the more I drink of Jekyll Southern Juice, the more I like it. It’s becoming one of favorite go to beers, and although some people call it a “New England IPA”, I never have. I don’t think Jekyll does either. Never fear! Along comes Jekyll Southern Juicy Juice, a bigger and juicier version of Juicy Juice.

This one is actually called a New England IPA, and while I don’t see that as a style proper (more of a substyle of IPA) I do really enjoy the vibrant hop fruitiness these beers offer. I can take or leave the haze, but I do like the smoothness that oats can impart. Jekyll Southern Juicy Juice definitely fits the category.

There isn’t any listing for this on the Jekyll website, but untapped says:

A super juicy IPA with Vic Secret, Apollo, Azaca, and Mosaic hops. Very hazy and bright.

Jekyll Southern Juicy Juice has an alcohol content of 6% by volume, actually lower than Southern Juice. It’s a lot pricier, though. I paid $13.75 for a 32-ounce crowler at Stout’s Growlers. I saw a 4-pack of 16-ounce cans at Bullocks in Woodstock for $15.99 and Total Wine sells it for $16.99. Target was the most reasonable at $12.34, but that is still high for a 4-pack.

Jekyll Southern Juicy Juice pours to a hazy yellow orange color with a medium head and an explosive juicy fruit nose, which I could smell from 6 inches away talking my picture. The palate is smooth and medium malty, and explodes with pineapple mostly, then papaya and zesty citrus rind. The finish is herbal and grassy and quite delicious.

Folks, this is good indeed, but not all that much different than Southern Juice to me (though a little hazier, juicier and zestier). While I really do like it and may end up grabbing a 4-pack at Target, they won’t have it forever. As a result, for me this is a buy and try, but not a beer I would buy again at the outrageous price of $16 or $17 a 4-pack. Not when I can get Southern Juice for $9.49 a 6-pack.

Update 3/8/2018: OK, I did buy a 4-pack at Target for $12.34. That's a little more reasonable, though now I see they are selling it for $16.99, too. Love the beer, but still won't pay that price for it.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.