Copious Imperial Stout

Review Date 10/11/2019    By John Staradumsky

Wait what? Jekyll Brewing Copious is an ever changing Imperial Stout, with a new and unique take every year. Yesiree Bob! That’s what their website says. Which is kind of a bummer, because I had a glass of it at Taco mac the other night, and I loved it! The downside is that because it’s ever changing, the bottle I have stashed around the house somewhere is not going to be the same as the draft glass I enjoyed at Taco Mac. Like I said. Bummer.

Still, I will redouble my efforts to find my bottle. Wherever it is. It has a few years on it, but based on the delicious glass I enjoyed last Thursday, this is a beer that should age well indeed.

Jekyll Copious Imperial Stout has an alcohol content of 9.5% by volume. I paid $9 for an 11-ounce glass at Taco Mac; Total Wine sells it for $13.99 in a 22-ounce bomber bottle.

My glass of Jekyll Copious Imperial Stout arrived jet black in color with lus licorice and chocolate in the nose and only a very thin film of head. Taking a sip, I got a thick crude oil body, robust All Sorts Licorice, a hint of cocoa, and grassy bitter hops and boozy alcohol in the finish.

I really love imperial stouts that accentuate strong dark licorice notes, and this one certainly did that. It has them in, you guessed it, copious quantities. It will be interesting to see what my bottle is like, if I can find. I’ll be back to tell you more when I do.


And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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