Copper Legend Octoberfest

Review Date 10/20/2015   Last Updated 1/4/2021 By John Staradumsky

I had been hearing such wonderful things about Jack’s Abby brewery in Framingham, Massachusetts that I decided to go there. Well, that was the plan anyway. In New England for work meetings and a bit of vacation, things turned out just as Jim Croce predicted they would: there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do.

Though I didn’t get the chance to swing by Framingham and visit Jack’s Abby, I did manage to pick up a few of their beers at Haxton’s in Warwick, Rhode Island: a half liter of their Berliner Weiss Lager, a single of Leisure Time Lager, and a six-pack of Copper Legend Octoberfest.

A few things about Jack’s Abby. First and foremost, they only brew lagers. That’s really and truly a breath of fresh air in today’s ale dominated craft brewing revolution. The brewery name comes from one of the three founding brother’s, who is named Jack, and his wife, who is named Abby. They also aim to honor the monastic tradition of brewing, though lagers seem a strange way to do that.

From the label:

Ancient timelines talk of dark days, plagued by hardships and Kingdom demands. When hope was all but lost, a legend emerged. A plumber. With copper pipes and an uncanny wit, he battled fierce foes and saw to the brewery’s opening. Our Octoberfest is malty, smooth and exceedingly drinkable. It is perfect to celebrate and honor today’s legends. We use locally grown wheat from MA, Munich malt and noble hops.

Jack’s Abby Copper Legend has an alcohol content of 5.7% by volume with 22 IBUs. I paid $10.99 for a six-pack at Haxton’s.

Jack’s Abby Copper Legend pours to a rich copper color with a sinfully aromatic nose of toasted nuts and caramel and a medium head formation. Taking a sip, the beer has just a beautiful malt profile up front of very soft caramel and a perfectly executed decoction-like nose of toasty nutty melanoidin goodness. The beer is softly creamy, and at the last is oh so gently balanced off with a faint herbal hoppy kiss.

Just a fantastic marzen-ofest folks, you would swear this came from Germany! A bottle of this and a bottle of the wonderful Helles-style Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest, some brats, rotkohl, spatzel and kraut with a bit of oom-pah-pah music and you’re in Teutonic heaven, folks. A beer not to be missed-even if you miss visiting the brewery.

Update 1/4/2021: Jack's Abby Craft Lagers are now sold in Georgia! I saw a few stray cans at Total Wine in December, and picked up one of the Copper Legend Octoberfest. This and the House Lager were all they had, but we hope to see more soon. Both beers sold for $10.49 a 4-pack of pint cans. My Copper Legend is stamped CANNED ON 08/06/20.

Jack’s Abbey Copper Legend now seems more of a Festbier than a Märzen. Pours to a yellow-amber color with a medium sized head that fades as quickly as it forms. Taking a sip, the beer is medium in body with bready, biscuity malt and a hint of Munich malt. The atter does not pop the way it did five years ago, and though this is still a tasty Oktoberfet lager, I did prefer it the first time I tried it. A star off for that, but it is still a solid brew at 4 stars.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.