Grimm Maypole Maibock

Review Date 8/21/2020  By John Staradumsky

Maibock! I was browsing the beers on and saw Grimm Artisanal Ales Maypole Maibock Lager! Now, since craft shack is located in California, I assumed that this was a beer from Grimm Brothers Brewing Of Colorado. Since it was a German style lager, rarely seen brewed by American microbreweries, I added it to my shopping cart. When my beer arrived, I was surprised to learn that this was a very different brewery located in Brooklyn, New York.

Do you want to know more? I did, so I went to the Grimm website. Alas, other than a picture of the brewery taproom that looked more like an art studio than a brewery, there was little information about any of their beers. Maypole is currently on tap there I discovered, and they give the following pricing:


maibock-style lager

6.5% | 750ml growler $7 | 32oz growler $8.50 | 2L growler $17

Here is the description Craftshack had on their website:

A classic grist of Vienna, Pilsner, and Munich malts and a dose of noble hops come together to create an easy-drinking full-bodied malty lager with an inviting deep golden hue. Notes of toasted bread with whole honeycomb present a cozy sweetness that is balanced by a light yet lingering bitterness.

I paid $6.29 for a can of Grimm Maypole Maibock Lager from Craftshack. It says CANNED ON 05/11/20 ON MY MAI. Mai is German for May, by the way.

Grimm Artisanal Ales Maypole Maibock Lager pours to a pale yellow color with a thick fluffy white head and a soft malty nose with hints of cooked corn. Taking a sip, the beer is fresh malty up front with soft caramel, toasted nuts, cooked corn and malty rich sweetness. The beer finishes balanced, perhaps slightly sweet and delicious. An excellent German style Maibock!

I will give this a solid 4.5 stars, as I rate it a 4 compared to the best German examples of the style, but a 5 as an American craft brewed version. If I saw it for sale in my local package store, you can rest assured I would be all over it.  

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.