Helenboch Terminator Double Bock

Review Date 1/9/1997 By John Staradumsky


I have always been a lover of well-made, flavorful lagers. Lagers, however, have been far outpaced by ales in the microbrewery explosion sweeping America. Among lagers, perhaps no style is as under-produced as doublebocks, but fortunately many of the ones being brewed in America today are good ones. Helenboch Terminator is one of them. A product of the Friends Brewing Company from Atlanta, a brewery which specializes in lagers, this beer follows the German tradition of attaching the suffix "ator" to the name of a doppel (double) bock. The label indicates that Atlanta's original name was Terminus, and thus was Terminator born.

Terminator Double Bock is deep caramel in color. Head formation is minimal. The nose is very subtle, revealing only a hint of malt, but this is deceptive. The first sip reveals malt in abundance, rich, sweet, and chewey as is the norm for a doppel. The finish is rather hoppy for the style, giving the beer a slightly dry finish. A bit on the light side for a doublebock beer, but an extremely well made and enjoyable brew.

You can read a history of Friends Brewing, written in 2017 by Bob Townsend, here.

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