Enegren Maibock Spring Lager

Review Date 6/2/2021 By John Staradumsky

Have I raved and ranted enough about how big a fan I am of the Enegren Brewery of Moorpark, California? If not, I will rave some more. I can’t get Enegren beers here in Georgia, but I can buy them through Craftshack, and so far, I’ve bought 16 of their beers that way, both new to me brews and repeats. They are that good. Tonight, I am here to talk about my 16th check in from Enegren, Enegren Maibock Spring Lager, and it is certainly one of the best Enegren beers I’ve enjoyed yet.

Enegren says about this spring seasonal:

Enegren Maibock is a traditional German-style helles bock brewed to celebrate the coming of spring. This strong spring lager has a lightly toasted and moderately sweet malt profile balanced with spicy and floral German noble hops. Willkommen Im Frühling!

Ingredients from the website:

MALT: German Pilsner


CaraMunich III


HOPS: Herkules



Enegren Maibock Spring Lager has an alcohol content of 7% by volume with 35 IBUs. I paid $4.49 for my 16-ounce can from Craftshack; I have no pricing information for true retail.

Enegren Maibock Spring Lager pours to a beautiful, brilliant copper color with a thick fluffy white head and a wonderful nose of fresh crisp and nutty malt. Taking a sip this beer is a pure malt delight with hints of caramel, dry roasted nuts, a hint of cooked corn, toasted malts, and a gently sweet finish with a hint of grassy hops.

Absolutely amazing, better than some examples I’ve tried from Germany, and very possibly the best American Maibock I have ever sipped. I just did not want my glass to end. There are not many beers I would call "flawless", but this is one of them. I’m quite sure it's the best American brewed Maibock to ever pass these lips, and trust me, I've drunk a lot of Maibocks. Bocks are, after all, my very favorite styles.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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