Enegren Gladiator Doppelbock Lager

Review Date 11/11/2020 By John Staradumsky

As you probably know, I’ve enjoyed more than a few beers from the Enegren Brewing Company of Moorpark, California. With good reason, too. Enegren specializes in German style beers, and these are in fact my favorite in all the world. Amongst those many wonderful styles of German beer, there is also one in particular I am most fond of: Doppelbocks. I’m happy to say that Enegren has me covered here with Gladiator Doppelbock Lager.

This beer is not sold in Georgia, and seems to be a rare seasonal from Enegren. They have no listing for it on their website, but Craftshack.com (where I bought my can) says this about the beer under commercial descriptions:

Rich, malty lager. Molasses, dark stone fruit, and toasted pecans.

Enegren Gladiator Doppelbock Lager has an alcohol content of 8.5% by volume. I paid $4.49 for my 12-ounce can, but I do not see a listing for it on Total Wine. Not sure what it goes for in six-packs.

Enegren Gladiator Doppelbock Lager pours to a deep chestnut color with a thick but short-lived fizzy head and delightful toasty nutty malt notes in the nose. Taking a sip, the beer is full in mouthfeel with more of the toasty nutty melanoidin goodness the nose promised (lots more), molasses, and a warming alcohol finish. This beer has legs, it has depth, it has pools of malty toasty nutty goodness you could swim in for days (if you had enough of it). It’s 4 ½ stars good, and I would give it 5 but that’s mostly reserved for the Germans.

One of the best domestic doppels ever to pass these lips. I wish I could buy more of it.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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(B)=Bottled, Canned