Einbecker Winter Bock


Review Date 3/30/2016  By John Staradumsky

Why isnít Einbecker Winter Bock sold in Georgia? Iím sure I donít know. At least, Iíve never been able to find it here, though I have seen and purchased three other beers from this German brewer. One of them was the most excellent Einbecker Ur-Bock Dunkel. The ďUrĒ, of course, means original, and Einbeck is said to be the birthplace of bock beer. Legend has it (or one of them) ďEinbeckĒ was corrupted into ďEin BockĒ (a goat, because the beers of Einbeck were said to have a kick).

Einbecker Winter Bock is in fact a doppelbock, my favorite style of beer. Itís brought to the shores of America by the fine folks of B. United, who bring us many great beers from foreign lands. Itís only fitting, I suppose, that I finally enjoy this beer in 2016, the year of 500 years of Reinheitsgebot in Germany. Weíve been enjoying many great German beers this year here at Bruguru.com; we think you should too.

From the brewery website:

Dark in character, full-bodied with a taste of malt.

When it's cool outside, it's time for the dark Einbecker Winter-Bock inside. Selected malts, the finest hops and a special beer yeast provide a true winter treat. With 18.2%, Einbecker Winter-Bock has the highest original wort of all Einbecker beers.

Einbecker Winter Bock has an alcohol content of 7.5% by volume (the 18.2% referenced above is original gravity). Itís sold from October to March according to B. United, and the price is hefty: I paid $14.99 for a six-pack of 11.2 ounce bottles at Total Wine in Greenville, South Carolina.

Einbecker Winter Bock pours to a beautiful ruby red color with a medium head formation and a sweet and sticky malt nose. Taking a sip, the beer is sweet malty up front, loaded with creamy, nutty, chewy and toasty melanoidin laden malt flavors. That delightful nutty malty goodness carries on into the slightly sweet finish, with just a hint of grassy hops and warming alcohol poking through.

Still and all, this one is all about the malt as a doppelbock should be. Itís worth the price to me, although to be fair I would probably drink it a little less because of that. Still, donít let it stop you from picking up a six-pack if you see it. You can than me later, of course.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.

(B)=Bottled, canned