Brauherren Pilsner

Review Date 3/6/2024 By John Staradumsky


About a week ago, I told you about my experience with Einbecker Brauherren Historic Pilsner Unfiltered from Lagering Tank. It wasnít a good one. I was pretty sure if you tried the beer in Germany, it would be a great one. In fact, Iím more convinced of that than ever. The problem is that although it is brewed in Germany, the beer isnít canned in Germany. Itís shipped to the USA in tanks and then canned by OEC in Connecticut.

I have had problems with OEC beer being infected before, and thatís exactly what happened with my unfiltered Brauherren. So what did I do? I emailed OEC and complained. To their credit, they worked with the importer, B. United, to replace my bad beer. They were out of the unfiltered Brauherren, they said, but would a can of the original work? I would, I replied, and in about a week I received an oblong box in the mail containing a can of Einbecker Brauherren Pils.

I immediately checked the label to see where this was canned: Germany! My heart leapt, since I have never had an infected German beer canned or bottled in Germany, and friends, I have drunk a lot of German beer over the years.

From the can label:

A traditional Northern German Pilsner from the historic beer city of Einbeck!

Straw-colored, with an abundant white head and classic, crisp Pils flavor. This beer is refreshing and sessionable. The Brauherren Pils invites you with aromas of ginger, lemon, and straw while on the palate the light body leads to a restrained and pleasant bitterness that lasts through the clean finish. Brewed with Herkules and Magnum noble hops. Enjoy this Classic German Pils from Einbecker, brewing since 1378!

Einbecker Brauherren Pils has an alcohol content of 4.9% by volume with 32 IBUs. According to their website, Total Wine sells the beer for $14.99 a 4-pack of 16.9 ounce cans in Palm Desert, California. You can buy it for $15.99 a 6-pack of 11.2 ounce bottles at their Charlotte, North Carolina location. The cans are about two cents cheaper per ounce, and get my vote as they will protect the beer from light much better than green glass will. My can had no freshness dating but I got it as I said straight from the importer so I am sure it was quite fresh indeed. It tasted so.

Einbecker Brauherren Pils pours to a beautifully brilliant clear golden color with a thick fluffy white head and a nose of soft biscuity malt. Taking a sip, the beer is just as crisp biscuity as the nose promised, like chewing a handful of fresh malt. It immediately pops with an aggressive herbal grassy bitterness and finishes with a very dry, spicy long lingering bitterness.

An outstanding crisp and refreshing German style pilsner, They donít get much better than this one, folks.

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(B)=Bottled, Canned