Invasion From Strata! Single Hopped IPA

Review Date 4/22/2022 By John Staradumsky


Dank-ger Will Robinson!!!! That’s what I said when I took my first sip of Invasion From Strata! Single Hopped IPA from the Duck Foot brewery of San Diego, California. This is my third beer from Duck Foot, with two being rather good and one being a drain pour. Here’s what the brewery says about Invasion From Strata! On their website:

Get ready for this one folks! This beer truly shows you how cool the Strata hop really is. At first sip, you'll be approached with huge dank, green notes. As it warms, the flavors change into soft pineapple, overripe fruit notes. Hope you enjoy!

The Strata hop is a variant of the German Perle. It is noted for some tropical and citrus fruit notes, and grass, and, well, grass notes. Both the cannabis and front lawn varieties.

Invasion From Strata! Single Hopped IPA has an alcohol content of 7% by volume. I paid $3.80 for my pint can from Craftshack, which is actually less per can than the $18 a 4-pack the brewery charges. I received it on December 27th of 2021 and drank it on April 21st of 2022. It is possible that with a bit of age the tropical fruit faded slightly and the dank is more pronounced. There was no freshness dating on my can.

Invasion From Strata! Single Hopped IPA pours to a a hazy orange amber color with a medium sized cap of white foam and a nose of dank, vegetal green hops. Taking a sip, the body is medium and the hops quickly take over: they’re earthy and herbal, green grassy, vegetal, smack of cannabis and dank. A little resin pokes through, too, but overall this is all about the green grassy aroma and flavor to me. Finishes nicely bitter.

I very much enjoyed this beer and, if it were offered again, I would not hesitate to buy it.

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