Raspberry Mango Braaaaaaaains Fruit Smoothie Sour

Review Date 5/21/2021  By John Staradumsky

Well lookie here! My first beer from Drekker Brewing of Fargo, North Dakota: Raspberry Mango Braaaaaaaains Double Fruit Smoothie Sour. I don’t come across beers from North Dakota often, and this may well be the first beer I’ve ever enjoyed brewed in North Dakota. It is at least the first I have reviewed. I had heard a lot about Drekker beers, and the Viking theme on the label seemed cool enough to reel me in.

Of course, Drekker beers are not sold in Georgia, but I saw Raspberry Mango Braaaaaaaains Double Fruit Smoothie Sour available from Craftshack.com and decided to buy it. There are a number of beers available in the Braaaaaaaaaains line, all fruity concoctions which seem to me not to have anything to do with brains, but what do I know.

Craftshack said this about the beer:

This Braaaaaaaaaains Double Fruit Smoothie Sour was blasted with a boatload of Raspberry & Mango and then hit with our double secret smoothie treatment of sea salt, lactose, & vanilla beans!

This beer is not listed on the brewery website, but I know this from the label:

MALT: Pale Two-Row, Wheat, Carafoam

HOPS: Magnum, Hallertau Blanc

FLORA: Lactobacillus Culture, House Ale Yeast

GIMMICKS: Raspberry, more raspberry, mango, more mango, sea salt, lactose, vanilla beans

ATTENTION! Contains a significant amount of fruit so please keep cold at all times. Separation is normal. Give can a gentle roll or two before opening.

Drekker Raspberry Mango Braaaaaaaains Double Fruit Smoothie Sour has an alcohol content of 7.6% by volume and I paid $6.74 for my pint can. Not too bad that price; Total Wine sells beers in the Braaaaaaaains line for around $19.99 a 4-pack-just not in Georgia. My can is stamped CANNED ON 3/23/21.

Drekker Raspberry Mango Braaaaaaaains Double Fruit Smoothie Sour pours to a very hazy pink color with a thick, frothy, long-lived pink head and a rich nose of robust, tart raspberry. Taking a sip, the beer is very full in body, chunky even, thick with fruit pulp, packed with luscious raspberry fruit and a hint of tropical mango. It finishes tart, but not all that sour to me.

Truth be told, Drekker Raspberry Mango Braaaaaaaains Double Fruit Smoothie Sour reminds me more of a mixed drink than a beer, or, really, a fruit smoothie. It is very different from any beer I have ever tried before. You can call it a sour if you like, but there is not enough of that character here for me. The fruit dominates, and this is more of a fruit beer in my estimation. It is good, and I am definitely enjoying it, and would love to enjoy it or another beer in the line in the future.

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

*Pricing data accurate at time of review or latest update. For reference only, based on actual price paid by reviewer.