Lucky Scars Hazy IPA

Review Date 8/26/2019  By John Staradumsky

Lucky Scars Hazy IPA! Get out of here! What the heck is that? I was sure I didn’t know when I stumbled on a can at a beer store in Cherokee, North Carolina. Then I looked a little more closely and found it wasn’t a new brewery, but a new beer (for me anyway) from my old friends at Currahee Brewing of Franklin, North Carolina and Alpharetta, Georgia.

I tried to find more information on the Currahee website, but came up dry. This was on Untappd, though:

The second volume in our Lucky Scars series, this hazy IPA is loaded with Azacca, Ekuanot, Mandarina Bavaria, Citra and Simcoe Hops. With a silky, soft mouthfeel, it is big and juicy tropical fruit on the palate. Coming in at 6.5% ABV, this beer is surprisingly easy and delicious.

Not much information on the can other than to confirm the alcohol content. I bought a single but the beer was running $9.99 a six-pack in Cherokee.

Lucky Scars Hazy IPA pours to an only slightly hazy golden orange color with a thick head of creamy foam and a tropical fruity nose of pineapple and mango. Taking a sip, the beer is (surprise) thin malty with more of the tropical fruit in the palate than I got in the nose. It’s joined there by zesty grapefruit rind that mitigates some of the sweet fruit, but finishes gently sweet with mango and passion fruit.

Tasty! More a modern tropical IPA than a hazy IPA for me, but, I liked it well enough. I would drink it again for sure.















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