A Friend and I put my Big Beer Session theory to the test Saturday night, spacing our drinking out over a six-hour period and including occasional
snacks. It worked pretty well, we both retained reasonably clear heads most of the night, enjoyed the beers, were a bit tipsy at the end but didn't experience hangovers the nest day. The night's beer menu consisted of:


Pike Kilt Lifter (6 oz. each)
Old Boardhead 98 (6 oz. each)
Old Knucklehead (6 oz. each)
Clipper City Reserve Winter Ale (6 oz. each)
HOD Adam (6 oz. Each)
Liefman's Gluhkriek (375ml each)
HOD Fred (750ml each)
Lost Coast Winterbraun (11 oz. each)
Allagash Grand Cru (12 oz. each)