Fudgie the Beer

Review Date 11/8/2021 By John Staradumsky


Fudgie the Beer! Get outta here! Actually, donít get out of here because I want to drink you. I heard about Fudgie the Beer from New Yorkís Captain Lawrence Brewing Company a few years ago, but I could never get my hands on the beer. A few weeks ago, though, I was at Total Wine and lo and behold: Captain Lawrence beers on the shelf, including Fudgie the Beer.

Fudgie the Beer is, of course, a take on Fudgie the Whale, that famous ice cream cake from Carvel. When I was a kid (and when I was a big kid) back in Rhode Island, we had a Carvel store in nearby Warwick. I used to love going there, especially when we could bring home Fudgie the Whale.

Now, I can drink Fudgie as a beer. Whatís better than that? Captain Lawrence says on the label:

Limited Edition

A dark, roasty & fudgie collaboration with Carvel.

Utilizing Carvel signature chocolate crunchies, fudge & ice cream, we are proud to brew Fudgie the Beer in collaboration with Carvel.

Malt beverage brewed with natural & artificial flavors and caramel color.

Fudgie the Beer has an alcohol content of 6% by volume and was running $19.49 a 4-pack at Total Wine when I bought my can. Untappd calls this a pastry stout, but is an ice cream cake a pastry or ice cream? Iíll call this a spiced stout, since it is heavily spiced and the flavors of chocolate and vanilla dominate the experience.

Fudgie the Beer pours to a jet-black color with a thick but very short-lived fizzy head and a nose of rich dark chocolate. Taking a sip, the beer is medium in body, quite roasty and fudgy, and delivers the ice cream flavors of dark fudge and chocolate crunchies. It finishes with a touch of sweet vanilla icing flavor, and is balanced with roasted malt. I think I might like a little more body, but overall, the beer delivers the theme and I very much enjoyed.

Itís very fudgy!

Glad I tried it?  T

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