Hazy Jane New England IPA


Review Date 7/12/2020 By John Staradumsky

Is someone at Brewdog a New England Patriots fan? I can’t say for sure. On one hand, Scotland’s Brewdog chose to locate their new US brewery in Ohio, not in any New England state. On the other, this is how they describe their Hazy Jane New England Style IPA on the can label:

An all-out New England Patriot of a beer. Brace yourself for a full-tilt fruit hit. Aromas of pineapple, mango, stone fruit and a hints of lime head for the State-line. Brewed with oats and wheat and left unfiltered for a smoother ride. Fall for the East-Coast crush.

Hazy Jane-Clouded clarity for the IPA generation.

See? New England Patriot of a beer. Could be a Pats fan in the mix somewhere! Anyway, I picked up a can of this brew at a local gas station for just two bucks, a good deal indeed. It has an alcohol content of 7.2% by volume with 30 IBUs. It was brewed in Ohio, says the can, and packaged on 03/11/20.

My can of Brewdog Hazy Jane New England Style IPA pours to a hazy yellow color with a thick fluffy head and a nose bursting with classic American grapefruit citrus (I didn’t get the lime). Taking a sip, the beer is medium in body with a bit of tropical pineapple, a bit pasty from the oats, and has bitter bright grapefruit zest and a bit of pith and fruit. An herbal grassy lightly bitter finish wraps it all up.

I liked Hazy Jane well enough, it’s a good example of a style everyone is doing these days, if not the best. Lately I’ve been drinking some impressive versions from Toppling Goliath and Parish that have impressed me more but, hey. I can’t get those at the gas station for just two bucks now, can I?

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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(B)=Bottled, canned