Stealth Mode Tart Ale Brewed with Blueberries

Review Date 3/4/2024  By John Staradumsky


Have you seen The Invisible Man? Of course you havenít. If youíve seen him, he isnít invisible, is he? Though, you can kind of see him on the label of Bottle Logic Stealth Mode Tart Ale Brewed with Blueberries. You can see the clothes heís wearing. So there it is. One thing for sure, Bottle Logic has some of the coolest beer labels out there.

Bottle Logic brews Stealth Mode in association with Campy Creatures ( Campy Creatures is a board game featuring, you guessed it, campy creatures like Frankenstein, Kaiju, and of course, the Invisible Man. Check out their website, the game looks like fun.

Bottle Logic doesnít have much to say about this beer on their website except:

Tart Wheat ale finished with hundreds of pounds of blueberries.

The label says:

Look out! When the gloves come off, you wonít see what hit you!

Bottle Logic Stealth Mode Tart Ale Brewed with Blueberries has an alcohol content of 6% by volume and I paid $5.85 for my pint can from Half Time. Thatís probably less than I would have paid at Total Wine in Laguna Hills, California, where the beer sells for $19.99 a 4-pack. My can is stamped LOGICALLY CANNED ON 11/15/23 HAPPY NOW?.

Bottle Logic Stealth Mode Tart Ale Brewed with Blueberries pours to a dark purple color with a thick frothy pink head and a nose of lush tart blueberry fruit. Taking a sip, the beer is medium in body, bordering even on full. Itís smooth, very tart like those occasional sour berries you eat right after plucking them off the tree. Itís creamy and oh so delicious and in the finish, nigh puckering sour.

This is delicious, and truly a treat for a blueberry lover like me. Rated as a fruit beer, a sour one, and especially a blueberry ale, this is one of the best I have ever had, And I have had a lot of them friends.

Glad I tried it?  T

Would I rebuy it??


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