Winter Snack Holiday Stout

Review Date 12/9/2019 By John Staradumsky


Well lookie here! I found a Winter Snack, and just in time for winter! Combing through my collection of bomber and fifth beer bottles, I found this bottle of Winter Snack Holiday Stout from Apocalypse Ale Works of Forest, Virginia. This is the 2015 edition, and from what I can see the beer is quite different from the one they offer today.

From the label:

This is the winter blend of the already world famous award winning 6th Seal Chocolate Stout. We have enhanced this with oatmeal, orange peel, raisins, and cinnamon. Naturally the cocoa nibs are added to enhance the rich chocolate presence. Never before has the likes of such an abominable force roamed the winter realms since the splitting of the alpha and the omega.

The label also tells me that Winter Snack Holiday Stout has an alcohol content of 10.1% by volume with 30 IBUs. Today, Apocalypse has a beer listed on their website as 6th Seal Snack Chocolate Stout. It boasts the same ingredients, but has  a lower alcohol content of 7.5%.

Winter Snack Holiday Stout pours to a jet black color with a thick creamy tan head formation and a robust nose that immediately reminded me of B & M Brown Bread. Taking a sip, the beer is full in body with raisins, smooth chocolate, brown sugar, bright citrus peel, and dark fruity raisin. It finishes warm with alcohol in the finish.

The beer is not roasty really, but more dark malty with five years of age, and I think that age may have enhanced the luscious raisin notes. As I lingered over the beer, I was reminded of plum pudding and fruitcake as well as the aforementioned brown bread.

Definitely a beer I would buy again, and one I am glad I was able to enjoy this holiday season.

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