Aldersbacher Urhell

Review Date 7/5/2024 By John Staradumsky


For Christmas of 2015, my wife bought me a really cool present: BeerAdvent Calendar 2015 from Kalea. In truth, my wife got me a lot of nice presents (she’s the best wife ever), but the nice thing about the Beer Advent Calendar is you get it early. You have to, since it’s comprised of 24 different imported German beers in a box with little doors that you open, one per day from December 1st through December 24th. All of the beers are listed on the side of the carton, however, so be careful not to look and spoil the daily surprises!

I love German beer more than beer from any other country on Earth, so this was definitely right up my alley. My one criticism of the calendar is there are not enough bocks and doppelbocks (not fair!), but otherwise it’s just an amazing way to sample 24 German beers I’ve never seen before. I get mine at Costco here in Georgia and pay on average $59.95 for the box. That might sound steep, but when you distribute that price over 24 different half liter cans, it only works out to $2.50 per can. Not a bad deal at all looked at that way.

First week of September 2023 arrived, and that means I am out there at Costco weekly looking for my beloved Kalea Advent calendars. I didn't see them (and of course buy one) until September 24th, but I gleefully placed one in my shopping cart when I did. The price this year was stable from last year at $69.99 and I think that is a bargain honestly. $2.92 per can is still a bargain for beers from small German brewers I might never otherwise get to enjoy, that includes new beers and one I have had before and get to enjoy again.

December 23rd arrived, and only two more beers left in the calendar! I opened the Day 23 door to find a can of Aldersbacker Urhell waiting for me. This was the last bew beer in the calendar, back to an old freind for Dat 24. This is also a new brewery for me.  The beer is, of course, a Munich Helles in style. I love the style, but I do believe that it has been overrepresented in the calendar over the years, You can see that in the breakdown below of all the beers I have received in each calendar, going back to 2015 and counting all beers from the 2023 edition.

Dortmunder 8 4%
Munich Helles 52 25%
Oktoberfest 35 17%
Munich Dunkles 11 6%
Hefeweizen 12 6%
Dunkelweizen 13 7%
Zwickl/Kellerbier 12 6%
Kristalweizen 3 1%
Pilsner 21 10%
Bock 2 1%
IPA 5 3%
Doppelbock 5 2%
Maibock 3 1%
Pale Ale 7 3%
Weizenbock 5 2%
Vienna Lager 3 1%
Imperial Pilsner 3 1%
Steinbier 1 1%
Stout 3 1%

Schwarzbier 1 1%
Rauchbier 4 2%

As to the brewery, Aldersbach, they trace their history back to 1268. They say:

1120 wurde das Kloster von Augustiner-Chorherren gegründet, 1146 kam es an die Zisterzienser. Schon bald begannen die Mönche, Bier zu brauen.
Ein Schiedsbrief des Grafen Albert von Hals aus dem Jahr 1268 bezeugt den Brauereibetrieb ab dieser Zeit. Damit zählt die Brauerei Aldersbach zu den ältesten der Welt und feierte 2018 ihr 750-jähriges Bestehen.

Which means:


In 1120 the monastery was founded by Augustinian canons, and in 1146 it came to the Cistercians. Soon the monks began to brew beer. A letter of arbitration from Count Albert von Hals from 1268 testifies to the brewery's operation from this time on. This makes the Aldersbach brewery one of the oldest in the world and celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2018.

Aldersbacher Urhell has an alcohol content of 5.1% by volume according to my can. Ingredients on the can are listed as water, barley malt, and hops. My can is stamped P2023/03/21 .

Aldersbacher Urhell pours to a bright golden color with a thick fluffy white head and a nose of fresh baked bread. Taking a sip, the beer is medium in body, appropriate to the style. It’s deliciously malty, again bready like the nose promised, complete with the crusts. It finishes crisp and dry with a soft grassy herbal bitterness. Quaffable to be sure, and delicious.

I just love the delicious fresh bready malts in the nose and in the palate, and the gently grassy herbal bitter finish. An eminently quaffable brew, and a very tasty one indeed.

A very nice example of the style, I think, and one I would drink lots of if I lived in Germany.

I’m greatly enjoying my 9th annual Beer Advent Calendar with the day 23 beer. Here’s looking forward to the remaining beer, and another assortment of 24 in 2024. We’ll be on the lookout next year at Costco, and following the beers on their Facebook page.

The beers of the 2023 Beer Advent Calendar:

Day 1 Falter Export Hell

Day 2 Kauzle Helles Lager

Day 3 Kurpfalz Brau Kellerbier

Day 4 Graminger Kirta Dunkles Weissbier

Day 5 Erl Brau Erlkönig Hell

Day 6 Hösl Märzenbier

Day 7 Bambule Pilsner

Day 8 Landgang Helle Aufregnung

Day 9 Propeller Bier Turbo Prop Pilsner

Day 10 Gmoastier Weisser Bock

Day 11 Flötzinger Hell

Day 12 Fürst Carl Kellerbier

Day 13 Grandauer Weißbier

Day 14 Schnitzlbaumer Lagerbier Hell

Day 15 Schloßbräu Rheder Husaren-Trunk

Day 16 Klosterbräu Bamberger Rauchbier

Day 17 Schwarze Tinte Collab Stout

Day 18 Kuchlbauer Alte Liebe Dunkle Weisse

Day 19 Memminger Hell

Day 20 Herrnbrau Tradition Festbier

Day 21 Herrngiersdorf Hallertauer Hopfen Cuvee

Day 22 Kraftbierwerks Black Forest

Day 23 Aldersbacher Urhell

Day 24 Teisnacher 1543


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