PB & Jams Peanut Butter and Jelly Lager

Review Date 2/22/2021  By John Staradumsky


I was in Target-why was I in Target? Oh yes, I needed a few things, and one of them was a six-pack of Bellís Hopslam that I saw but could not buy the previous Sunday morning. You cannot buy beer in Georgia before 12:30 AM on Sunday (stupid, that), at least not here in Cherokee County. I saw a six-pack of Abita PB & Jams Peanut Butter & Jelly Lager, too, but I didnít buy it, having plenty of beer on hand already and wanting to draw down my stash.

Then, though, fellow Georgia beer savant Brian the Beersnob reviewed Abita PB & Jams, and I decided I needed to get back to Target to get me some, before there was no more to get. I did this one morning, as soon as they opened, and I did get one of the last few six-packs they had. Getting it home, I checked out what Abita had to say about PB & Jams Peanut Butter & Jelly Lager:

With aromas & flavors of strawberry and peanut butter, PB & Jams will immediately take you back to your favorite childhood snack - the peanut butter & jelly sandwich. The flavors meld perfectly resulting in a medium bodied brew with a subtle sweetness.





No mention of the peanuts and strawberry one suspects they must use as well. Abita PB & Jams Peanut Butter & Jelly Lager has an alcohol content of 8% by volume, a little higher than I expected in a PB & J themed beer, but come to think of it, what is the expected alcohol content of a PB & J themed beer anyway? Iím sure I donít know. The beer has 20 IBUs and I paid a mere $8.54 for my sic-pack at Target.

Abita PB & Jams Peanut Butter & Jelly Lager pours to a soft ruby color with a thick fluffy head of foam and a nose of strawberry and toasted nuts. Taking a sip, the beer has lots of strawberry jam flavor, subtle toasted nuts, and a sweet berry finish. The peanuts donít remind me of peanut butter so much as dry roasted peanuts, and they are overpowered by the ďjamĒ. With the latter, they definitely got it right, as the strawberry really has a ďjammyĒ taste.

Does this beer remind me of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Not really. There are a lot of peanut butter themed beers out there, but it is hard to pull off the oily, smooth texture and flavor of peanut butter. I do get a bit of peanutty goodness here in the nose and the palate, but the jelly impression is the real star. That said, I did enjoy this, and I would certainly buy it again-preferably on tap at Taco Mac.

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